Enjoying Silky Smooth Skin As The Weather Calms Down

Enjoying Silky Smooth Skin As The Weather Calms Down

The team at Luxuree Skincare & Bath plays an instrumental role in how we research and develop our products.

In addition to ongoing research and development, we take our customer's feedback and incorporate it as product enhancements when it is feasible for us to do so. 

By working with women, we hear their most honest body and skin concerns, and when we can meet their needs, we do.

Lastly, if we attempted to address their concern and need to utilize additional time and science to bring it to life, we keep said thing on a backlog to keep track of it as one of the many ideas that align with our business values.

In the heart of summer, we are enjoying spending time with our loved ones and within our community. And yes, we wear, share, and talk about our lovely products! 

If you're looking for a seasonal gift idea -- we'd recommend our Signature Hand Lotion (its recipe includes rosemary extract, aloe vera juice, and hydrolyzed silk in it.)

Take care, and see you soon!  

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