Restoring Balance During Women's History Month

Restoring Balance During Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month, a time for us to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women. Since we're trailblazers in our own right, we're taking liberty with renaming this observance to Women's Her-story Month so that we can adequately recognize the formidable, inimitable woman and the currently unfolding stories of victory and progress. 

Our griots, storytellers, authors, historians, philosophers, poets, directors, musicians, filmmakers, authors, and writers have, long since the beginning of time, imparted the stories of heroines who have overcome challenges, beat odds, birthed new generations, and gone on to glory. And today, as modern-day humans, we're learning just how far we still have to go for women to maintain autonomy and agency over their bodies and lives. 

One area where women proudly reclaim their power is charting new paths in how they use their time. From travel to careers, motherhood to volunteerism, women can accomplish anything they set their minds on and put energy behind. 

That's why we proudly salute and cheer on #womensupportingwomen in remembering their worth through self-love practices, taking better care of themselves so they can show up fully for their commitments, and for them to decide what is best for their own lives, free from judgment, oppression, or control of others. 

While our present looks different from the traditional roles women held over the centuries, from warriors to wives, we remember our collective ingenuity, nurturing, and provisions, even if they are not as widely shared as they could be. 

Today, we acknowledge the shared wisdom, knowledge, courage, confidence, money, resilience, strength, acceptance, and skills it takes to carve out and maintain one's vision in life -- and we're happy to champion the continued progression of women who choose to do what they want. 

Salute, Queens! Keep making Her-story, and make sure your skin is silky smooth, rejuvenated, and hydrated while doing so! 

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