Our Favorite Summer Must-Haves: Aloe Vera Plant

Our Favorite Summer Must-Haves: Aloe Vera Plant

This week, I reflected on the summers of years gone by -- the coming-of-age melodramas, spending my days splashing in pools, and my evenings relishing in the nighttime glow of nature. Such fond memories!

I also thought about how my beauty and skincare routine has improved and also where it stayed the same.

My journey to healthy, soft, and glowing skin has been a lifetime effort, a mix of this and that, a few improvements to my food intake, exercise, detox, and the like -- and I am proud to say that it gets compliments from not only myself but also friends, family, strangers, and celebrities.

As summer rounds the bend, I giddily prepare various activities, recipes, and vibes to make it memorable, including ensuring the health and vitality of one of my favorite species of houseplants: aloe vera.

The first mention of the aloe vera plant species occurred thousands of years ago, and many cultures have found great use and benefit from its existence. Today, these stories, historical records, and modern alchemical experiments provide our species with numerous benefits (medicinal, gastrointestinal, skincare, and cosmetic).

As an herbalist, I followed in my mother and grandmother's footsteps by cultivating and nurturing a few of these plants in my home. In addition to adding practical beauty and presence, we always have what we need to manage our daily care.

Growing up, I recall my grandmother and mother keeping these plants (and others) alive and well in their homes for the aloe, specifically, relying on their healing properties for cuts, bruises, burns, and skin health and aiding digestion and internal wellness. We would pinch off tiny pieces and never take more than necessary, showing honor and respect for the plant's right to life.

It's no surprise that my practice of living alongside plants is one of admiration, respect, and trust -- and it's why I'm so proud to share that in addition to being a proud #plantmamma, I have a few beautiful uses for aloe in the summer!

  • Smoothie: After extracting the gel from the plant leaf, add ~ 2 tsp of the aloe gel to your favorite smoothie to invigorate and refresh your well-being. I love mixing and matching the superfoods, herbs, fruits, and veggies I have on hand for surprising refreshments! Find what works for you and your tastebuds! 
  • Under-Eye Dark Spot Cream: In the palm of my hand, I mix a drop of pure vitamin E oil and fresh aloe vera gel before dabbing them under my eye areas. I've found that this removes dark circles and significantly reduces puffiness after ~3 days of use.
  • Body Cool Down: Twice a week, I take a break from my usual after-shower body care routine and opt for a nothing day. While my skin is still wet, I lather aloe vera gel into my skin from head to toe and allow it to air dry. I have found that my skin does well with these breaks in product use and is overall happier when I do resume my decadent practices.  

Notes on Safety: Always ensure the cleanliness of your tools before cutting any plants to avoid bacteria growth or infection. If pregnant, do not ingest aloe. High doses of the leaves can cause vomiting.

Notes on Freshness: Keep aloe covered and refrigerated to preserve efficacy after cutting.

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