Coming Soon: Seasonal Restocks and New Products

Coming Soon: Seasonal Restocks and New Products

Since launching in 2020, we've balanced meeting our customer's dry and oily skin needs with the day-to-day operations of scaling and streamlining in an ever-changing global industry. In the spirit of transparency, we're providing an updated note on seasonal offerings to support our customers' orders and ensure that we can continue getting our products into our customer's hands in a timely fashion.


Bringing Back: Ginger & Cardamom

We're bringing back the Ginger & Cardamom collection to carry us through the final days of winter and the early days of spring. It is a customer favorite, so bringing it back for another year would be fun!

Our Ginger & Cardamom fragrance is carefully crafted to transport you to a place of comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The scent profile is a harmonious blend of fragrant cardamom, spicy ginger, and other enticing spices that leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. You can find the Ginger & Cardamom Collection here through April 2023



Bringing Back: Hibiscus & Grapefruit

We've restocked the shop with our crowd-pleaser, Hibiscus & Grapefruit. The tantalizing combination of hibiscus and grapefruit creates an invigorating aroma that is sure to uplift your mood and leave you feeling revitalized. With subtle hints of vanilla and peach, this fragrance is the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, making it a crowd-pleaser for any occasion.

A must-have for Spring celebrations and holidays, the scent is a blend of hibiscus and grapefruit, vanilla, peach, (and other aromatics). Across a few products, this seasonal scent is here from now through June 2023. Be sure to try it out, leave a review, and refer it to friends, so you get perks with your next purchase!


New Products Alert: Hand Soap & Hand Lotion



Our customers have provided excellent feedback about why they love our products. Most of them are on-the-go, working-with-our-hands kinds of people who lose moisture throughout the day and are hard-pressed to ensure that their skin does not undergo damaging, cracking, or excessive peeling. With those challenges in mind, we went back to our lab to create a silky smooth hand soap and hand lotion combo with botanicals and stimulating elements in them for when our body care products won't do. 

Introducing: Our Signature Hand Soap and Signature Hand Lotion allow for silky smooth spa-like experiences from the comfort of your bathroom or kitchen! 

Why We Love It: Our Signature Hand Lotion includes rose water (antibacterial/anti-inflammatory), white willow bark extract (anti-inflammatory), jojoba oil & other silky smooth proteins & ingredients to increase absorption and improving your skin's moisture-binding abilities while leaving it soft & moisturized at all times!

Our products are formulated to last, meaning a little goes a long way. We are stretching out the excellent value per use and cost per purchase for even the most frugal customer.  

We spend a lot of time creating, testing, improving upon, and delivering our products to you, and we are so happy that you choose to bring them into your homes, offices, and other places of pampering.


Ritual Supplies: Skin Exfoliants

Exfoliants are a great way to give your skin the boost it needs. They remove dead cells and promote cell turnover, which helps keep your complexion looking fresh and glowing. Now is the perfect time to begin exfoliating your skin to prepare for the Spring season.

There are two main types of exfoliants: physical and chemical. Physical exfoliants use abrasive materials such as beads or granules to slough off dead skin cells.

In contrast, chemical ones work by dissolving them with glycolic or salicylic acid. The type you choose depends on your preference--some people prefer physically-based products because they feel more gentle on their skin. In contrast, others prefer the faster results from chemical exfoliation (and its ability to penetrate deeper into pores).

Try both types before deciding which one works best for you!

We're excited to share these new products with you and look forward to seeing what you think. Please let us know if there are other products or scents you'd like us to bring back! We love hearing from our customers and will do our best to ensure we can fulfill any requests.

When you shop our collections, know that we are just as ecstatic about our products as you are, and we genuinely enjoy being a part of your skin care regimen.

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